CapeCross Cradock

CapeCross Cradock opened its doors in March 2016 at a beautiful location in the heart of town. The practice services the surrounding farming community and pet owners will find everything their pets need. Our aim is to keep pets as healthy as possible and to help farms flourish.

Companion animals:

  • General consultation
  • Dental – cleaning polishing under sedation and extractions under general anaesthesia
  • Vaccinations
  • X-Rays (we do not do HD Certification)
  • Ultrasound
  • Spays and Castrations
  • General surgery
  • Overnight boarding/hospitalization facilities for pets

Production Animals:

  • General Herd Health
  • Pregnancy Diagnosis via Ultrasound (Bovine/Ovine/Equine)
  • Castrations (Equine)
  • Teaser preparation (Rams)
  • Bull / Ram fertility testing
  • Vaccination and biosecurity programmes
  • TB and CA testing
  • Blood and liver mineral analysis


  • Comprehensive Range
  • ACT 101/Schedule, prescription- and OTC ACT36 medication, vaccines, dips and worm remedies at very competitive prices
  • Premium pet food ranges: Royal Canin, Hill’s Science plan, Hill's Prescription Diets, Ultradog, Vets Choice

For tick and flea control:

  • Frontline (4x week protection)
  • Bravecto (12x week protection)
  • Nexgard (4x week protection)
  • Seresto Collars (8x month protection)
  • Ultrum Line-up
  • A comprehensive range of shampoos, joint- and skin supplements, treats and toys
Mon - Fri 08:00 - 17:00
Sat 09:00 - 12:00

After Hours 

(079) 406 2608


Excellent service and extremely friendly caring staff. Treated our Lola with so much respect and consideration. Even after her operation received a call the next day from Cape Cross to find out how Lola is doing. Thank you.

Fanie Nel


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 83 Adderley Street
 PO Box 385 

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