CapeCross Oudebosch

Our practice is situated just off the N2 in the beautiful Tsitsikamma and services the surrounding dairy farms and nearby Kareedouw.  Our friendly staff is ready to assist you with any need you might have.


  • General consultation for companion- and production animals
  • Emergency call-outs for production animals
  • General surgery for companion animals and production animals
  • On-farm visits include pregnancy diagnosis (ultrasound), post-calving examinations, postmortems, udderhealth monitoring
  • We create individualised vaccination- and biosecurity programmes for all farms
  • Blood- and liver mineral level monitoring
  • Sheep pregnancy scans (twins)
  • Ram fertility testing
  • Cows grazing on pasture
  • Dips and Dose remedies for production animals



  • We stock a complete range of products used for production animals at very competitive prices
  • Deworming medication effective agents roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms for companion animals
  • Flea-and-tick products effective against all life-stages
  • Premium pet food and supplements
Mon - Fri 07:30 - 16:30

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Consultations are strictly by appointment only

After Hours 

(071) 150 8650


" Good service. Vets for all your animals from to farm animal."

Teruis Swanepoel 



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(042) 285 0601
078 362 4124
 CapeCross Oudebosch,
  Unit 2,Oudebosch Padstal
  (Eersterivier offramp N2)


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